Sunday, 20 February 2011

Things what are happening

- I have to take two weeks off work soon, for some arcane bloody payroll related reason, as I switch from a Casual into true Wage-Slavery.

- I have a new record player console type thing. It makes a lot of very erotic "chunk-chunk" type sounds as parts whiz around and records drop onto the turntable. It doesn't always sound too hot, and messing with the volume screws up the sound balance, but that's likely fixable, and really, the thing is such a nice, utilitarian "bit of wood" to have around as a console that it'd pretty much be worth what I paid even if it were non-functioning.

- WISCONSIN IS BURNING! - At least according to Fox. What's actually happening is; a bunch of labour protests are going on as Governor Scott Walker plans to increase the insurance contributions payable by State employees. People are, understandably, protesting in Madison. Glenn Beck is calling it a sign of the coming Apocalypse, Fox is calling it "Civil Unrest", Walker's threatening to "Call out the National Guard", (which evokes Kent State to my mind, for no good reason.)

People are mostly pissed because in the immediate wake of his getting elected, Walker gave out a lot of tax breaks, including slashing tax on Healthcare contributions, and is now using the state deficit as justification for "emergency" economic measures. It all sounds a little Naomi Klein via "the Shock Doctrine", to me. The parsimonious explanation seems to be that he's acting out of ideology, nobody seems to have forced his hand.

- I'm doing a slack assed job of the dishes. It's the best way to do them, really. The hot water keeps running out. If I piss around with the internet and my new music machine, and generally take all day, it gives the tank time to refil. it's also quite pleasant.


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